Hi, so my name is Dexter and I’m 14 years old. So as you guys may know, it was my brother’s birthday on February 25th. I just want to like say how proud and lucky I am to have a brother like Ocean, my brother. He is cutest, sweetest, and the person that I can always count on.

As you guys may know from my Mom’s testimony, God showed a pathway that wasn’t opened before back in Indonesia. God had the right plan for us to come to the Philippines. He had a reason why we went to the Philippines. To provide my mom a job, my dad well, an opportunity to explore new things here, me going into a new school and create new friends and possibilities, and especially my brother.

My brother Ocean, as you guys may know, has a special condition. Back in Indonesia, we only knew that he has ADHD, but when he enrolled to ISM, the teacher recommended us for him to join LS (Learning Support) to understand his problem more deeply. When we examined him, we found out that he has Autism. Because of this, he was forced to join SLS (Specialized Learning Support). Not only was this helpful and beneficial for Ocean, it also opens up a path for more possibilities for Ocean. He has learned how to control himself, his emotions, and it became very very helpful for us. It also strengthened our relationship together as a brother. This is because of God. He knows. He knows what the future holds, he plans it for us. I just want to thank God for everything he has done to our family, being blessed and protected.

Thank you, God bless you!