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“I only depend on God” by Sonia P. Moral

by Alvin

I only depend on God | indeed, my God is my everything, and I know my calling, I believe each of us has been given a calling in life. For me, I am a prayer warrior for my family, my friends, and for those who asks me for a prayer, I pray with all my heart. And indeed, our God is an Answering God. Last week my daughter through a difficult time with my Granddaughter.

My Granddaughter just graduated from high school, and in Germany they were given a chance to find what course they are going to get, at that time my granddaughter has a boyfriend, an my daughter by her mother’s instinct does not like they guy, And I told my daughter we did our best, we prayed to God, so just leave it to God.

They always have conflicts, my granddaughter will chat me, my daughter will chat me and I have to be the bridge for both of them, I Said to Lord “ Lord I do not want to be bias, let me just speak with them with your Word of Truth” .

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My granddaughter tried to go to a University in Germany but She did not get in, yet she was accepted in a University in Netherland, another problem for her studying aboard is that time it was too late for her to find a flat to stay near University and safe enough, my daughter was crying but I told her that God will perform a miracle to help her.

My grand daughter posted online that she needed a room to stay in but no one replied. My daughter started to feel discouragement that this may not be God’s plan. Then my grand daughter got a call, that there was an available room , and the current tenants are two Indonesians, and both are Christian which brings so much joy to us, and it is really a miracle from God.

We saw no hope already, but there is always hope in God if you believe. Just like what bible said If we pray and believe, it shall be given to us. That’s why I only depend on God

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